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How long should I wait for the ink to dry before I handle my prints?

Humidity, temperature, and the specific type of paper and ink you're using all effect the amount of time it takes for your prints to dry. Generally, however, a color photo takes longer than a black-and-white text document. If you're printing a heavily saturated image, or if you're printing on any kind of specialty paper, set your print aside for at least 10 minutes before handling to give the ink time to dry completely.

When you're printing photos or more than one page at a time, most HP printers automatically wait for a certain amount of time between prints to ensure adequate drying time. You can increase or decrease this interval using your printer software.

Windows: Open the Print Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab, select Document Options, then Printer Features, and adjust the Dry Time.
Macintosh: Open the Print Dialog box, and select the Paper Type/Quality pane. Then click the Ink tab and adjust the Dry Time.

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